Cruise Across America

Event Planning: Managed route and travel details for the VW Cruise Across America bringing together hundreds of VW enthusiasts in daily events as we crossed the U.S.

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Infinium Yearend

Small Project: Seven years managing Infinium Yearend Project. Planned and executed upgrades to Payroll, HR, Flex Benefits, AP, and GL modules.

Kelley Park Spring Meet

Event Planning: Designed logistics and pre-registration processes that streamlined car show entry resulting in all 300+ cars being parked within an hour.

Classic VW show

Elections Field Inspector

Large Project: Supervision of precinct workers for 8-10 polling places with focus on team cohesiveness, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Project Playhouse

Event Planning: Lead corporate work teams in team building exercises centered around construction of a children’s play house.

Habitat for Humanity

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