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The meaning of the Son of Ed moniker may not be immediatally evident to some people. My last name, Edson, comes from England around the 15th century when a man named Ede had a son. To Ede's son and subsequent generations Edson became their surname. In a twist to the story my dad's name was Ed so I am also literally the son of Ed. In etymology this is known as Patronymic (from the first name of the father). Many other cultures have the same custom of adding a suffix or a prefix to denote "the son of ....." such as 'sen' in Scandanavia, 'ez' or 'es' in Latin cultures, 'vich' in Eastern Europe, and 'Mc' or 'Mac' in Scotland.

CAPM Resume

My first experience with event management was as Arrangements Chair for the local CROP Walk for 3 years. Over time I honed my leadership skills on various church and other non-profit boards. Then, a few years ago I began to use those skills to help plan vintage Volkswagen shows. Around the same time I started getting chances to participate in and manage various projects through work. To bring all of those skills together I recently completed an accelerated 8 week course in Project Management through SJSU.

CAPM Resume


Case study for final class project.

DMIS 023B Case Study

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